ANDTEK uses unified communications on virtual servers to give its customers more independence, secure data access, and reduced costs

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Internationally Competitive with Virtual Computing

ANDTEK uses unified communications on virtual servers to give its customers more independence, secure data access, and reduced costs

Munich/Hallbergmoos, March 20, 2013 – While the EU is still working on implementing a European cloud strategy, users of ANDTEK's Unified Communications solutions are already enjoying the significant benefits of cloud computing. Unified Communications applications made available on virtual servers with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) gives companies decentralized access to applications when needed without having to invest in additional IT infrastructure. This allows companies, especially those with mobile or global workplaces, to pool their resources and save more than 70 percent on overall IT costs.

The many hurdles to cloud computing

As expected, cloud computing was one of the top themes at the recently ended CeBIT 2013. The German Ministry of Economics (BMWi) was one of the exhibitors that showed several sample applications, focusing on their utility, economy and the level of data protection they provide. The BMWi is expecting cloud computing to have a positive impact on the growth, innovation, and international competitiveness of the whole economy. For cloud computing to take the lead on the market, however, it will depend on such aspects as availability, performance, connectivity, and data protection. The latter could especially prove to be the biggest hurdle due to the wide divergence in privacy policies across the globe.

Virtual Computing: New Dynamic for the Economy

It is precisely for this reason that unified communications specialist ANDTEK offers global companies cross-industry communications solutions for different applications (including voice recording, computer telephony, switchboard) that can run on a virtual server embedded in the company's physical server. These solutions offer employees a safe, convenient, flexible, and mobile method to access their data regardless of where they are physically located. This is possible with maximum availability, because, unlike with physical servers, users are assigned resources based on demand, thus optimizing the capacity utilization of the virtual server.

Lower costs and greater efficiency

Companies also enjoy significant cost savings by not having to invest in additional hardware, cooling systems and floor space, while the IT and unified communications environment can grow with the company due to their high scalability. "Additional communication services can not only be integrated quickly and easily, but can always be flexibly adapted to increasing demands," says ANDTEK CEO Roland Russwurm.

The biggest savings will be in maintenance, as up to 70 percent of IT budgets are attributable to the maintenance of the (physical) IT infrastructure. The ANDTEK solution also allows a significant decrease in energy consumption when employers on the other side of the world are able to do their work at off-peak electricity tariffs.

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