ANDTEK reporting system analyzes data in the communication network

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Data explosion calls for detailed reports

ANDTEK reporting system analyzes data in the communication network

Munich/Hallbergmoos, April 22, 2013 – German businesses are processing ever larger quantities of data. The increase is projected to be at least 40 percent over the course of the next year and a half. Experts expect this data explosion to have a dramatic impact on corporate IT. Areas that stand to be affected include security, storage, and network infrastructure as well as analytical and reporting systems. Unified-communications specialist ANDTEK GmbH presents "AND Phone Reporting", a fast and simple tool for creating reports in the communication network.

The ongoing data explosion calls for significant action in regard to analytical and reporting systems. Only the systematic and precision-oriented processing and analysis of large stores of data can have a positive effect on business. This is the conclusion reached by the Experton Group in a representative study, which surveyed 100 decision-makers in Germany from companies in various branches with more than 500 employees. According to the study, one out of two companies considers areas such as unified communications and IP communications to be key drivers of global data growth – with a correspondingly high impact on reporting systems.

Simple and fast creation of reports

"AND Phone Reporting" from Munich-based unified-communications specialist ANDTEK is a software program that allows users of Cisco-based communication networks to analyze their data professionally and autonomously. The integration of Crystal Reports, one of the most popular tools for creating reports, opens up previously unimagined opportunities for analysis. For example, it provides a clear overview of communication behavior (who calls whom, when, where, and for how long, call queues, etc.).

What businesses expect from reports

According to the Experton Group study, businesses expect detailed information about the information behavior and consumer behavior of their customers, a better estimation of market potential resulting in finely tuned sales and marketing campaigns, and lower costs due to the optimization of logistics processes.

Customizable display

"AND Phone Reporting" satisfies all these demands. The analytical results can be displayed comprehensively in any desired format (graphics, intersecting sets, etc.). The software comes with templates and a wealth of functions that make it easy to compile a detailed report within minutes based on the analytical results and the user's individual requirements. Reports created in "AND Phone Reporting" are automatically generated as PDF files to facilitate copying and redistribution.

Different data sources for individual reports

"AND Phone Reporting" supports various data sources, such as the Call Detail Records (CDR) of Cisco's Unified Communications Manager and the AND Phone Application Server database. Users can take advantage of these pre-configured data connections to create monthly, weekly, or daily analyses. These analyses can also be generated automatically at specified time intervals.

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