Automatic deletion of call history

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Automatic deletion of call history

For privacy reasons it might be a concern that received, placed and missed calls are stored in the I...

AND Phone CallBack
CallBack busy destinations inside and outside your corporate network

Whenever calls to busy destinations are done it is time-consuming redialling numbers again. Not to mention that searching for numbers in your directory has to be done multiple times and often it is just forgotten to make the call at all.

AND Phone CallBack enables you to simplify this process by automatically connecting you to the other party as soon as the other party is available again. Additionally there are services available to send notifications to corporate users instead of making calls which reduces the call volume and does not interrupt the workflow of the other party.

AND Phone CallBack offers the following services:
  • Automatic callback or notify busy destination
  • Notification on busy
  • Automatic deletion of call history
  • Callback for internal and external destinations
  • Multiple active callbacks per phone

Depending on the location of the busy target there are two possible callback methods:

1. Busy targets inside the corporate network are connected to your phone as soon as they are available again (event triggered).

2. Busy targets outside the corporate network are called in periodic intervals. As soon as the connection is established you get the party on your phone (time triggered).

Automatic deletion of call history

For privacy reasons it might be a concern that received, placed and missed calls are stored in the IP phone history.

With AND Phone CallBack you can keep the call history empty all times without any manual intervention on phones where privacy is a major concern.

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