Business Solutions for Computer/Telephony Integration

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Systems 2007: Unified-Communications

Business Solutions for Computer/Telephony Integration

Unified-Communications: Business Solutions for Computer/Telephony Integration

AND Communicator speeds up business communication tasks by fully integrating computer desktops with IP telephony environments.

Munich/Hallbergmoos, October 04, 2007 – With AND Communicator users are enabled to handle all commuication tasks directly on their computer. Additionally they can still use the convenient IP desk phone (of course controlled by the computer) to take the best out of both worlds. Just by the click of a mouse button they are picking, redirecting, forwarding or terminating calls. ANDTEK presents their solution for unified communication at the SYSTEMS in Munich from October 23 - October 26, 2007. (Wissenszentrum Networking, Halle B1, Stand 307).

About Andtek

ANDTEK was founded in 2000 and is specialized on intelligent and customer-centric Unified Communications Applications. ANDTEK delivers services for team collaboration, phone security, manager/assistant services, directory integration and voice recording features. ANDTEK solutions are used in banking, government, healthcare and retail environments.

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