ANDTEK’s Unified Communications Software Supports Mobile Devices

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Business Communication using Smartphones

ANDTEK’s Unified Communications Software Supports Mobile Devices

Munich/Hallbergmoos, March 11 – Companies can now handle business applications using mobile devices of different vendors. ANDTEK’s unified communications solution is the key for this service. By means of this solution the entire business communications like for example CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be used with the iPhone, An-droid mobile phones, Windows mobile smartphones or BlackBerry. The access is done via a completely functional internet browser guaranteeing a high confidentiality of transferred data.

Modern smartphones, no matter whether it is about an iPhone, Blackberry or Android mobile phone - offer completely functional browsers like every com-puter user knows it from his desktop. This way it is possible to have access to complex business applications and company information at any time and in-dependent from the location. This for example makes sense if beside the con-tact data the user also needs to know something about the history of customer contacts, price lists, information on products and turnover etc., being filed in the company database (CRM).

However, the mobile access to the company database might be a downfall es-pecially, if companies act in several countries and in case staff members use smartphones of different manufacturers. Although the access via internet browser using different smartphones is uncomplicated, because the browser offers independence from the particular device, not all unified communica-tions functions are supported by every smartphone provider.

It is often necessary to install special software.
ANDTEK’s unified communications software “AND Mobile“ supports a wide variety of smartphones being available on the market at present in a multi-vendor way. Beside complex business applications the solution also offers versatile and useful unified communications functions for the business communication - no matter what smartphone is used.

Calls can be initiated via the smartphone and can be made via the company network (via fixed-line phone network). In addition to a better cost control this function also offers the possibility to achieve a clear separation of private and business calls.
No matter, if the call is made via the company desk phone or the smartphone. Due to the integration into the company network the entire communication is done via a company number (Single Number Reach). On top of this users have access to the company call list even if they are away. The status of company phones is displayed on the user’s smartphone and they can see, which colleague is available. To provide this function only for a certain group of users it is possible to block persons. During a meeting with the customer mobile workers can also have access to the company database via the smartphone to recall e.g. sales data.

The integrity of company data and information has first priority upon the use of all unified communication functions. Since as a basic principle no information is stored on the smartphone, company data is confident. In case the smartphone will be lost or stolen, the company can block access at any time. A central administration allows user management and offers detailed access control. “When developing our solution we took into consideration all possibilities of secure transfer and confidential storage of data“, says ANDTEK manager Roland Russwurm.

Special attention, however, should be paid to the fact that company data being available by means of a mobile device has to be protected in a way that it cannot be copied directly from the smartphone or be forwarded unnoticed. This seems to be more important than ever, because according to a presenta-ble survey every second staff member steals company data after a layoff. With ANDTEK’s solution this problem can be avoided.

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