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ANDTEK Attendant Console for Cisco

Interview by Jeff Owen

In November of last year ANDTEK, based in Munich, Germany, announced their One-Stop console offering many features and functions. Enterprise customers now are able to implement full-featured attendant consoles that can also provide integration with all types of directories and databases, and offer voice recording as well as other features.

In December we spoke with Roland Russwurm, a manager, to learn more.

TR: Could you tell us briefly about ANDTEK?

Russwurm: The company was established in 2000. We focused on developing and selling solutions in the Unified Communications area for the Cisco platform. We have customers all over the world and are recognized for our customized applications.

TR: So you have focused on the Cisco UC platform only, correct?

Russwurm: Yes. We decided to focus on one specific vendor so we could develop the best type of solutions for that UC environment.

TR: Recently you came out with what you’re saying is a one-stop attendant console. Tell me more.

Russwurm: We’ve been working on desktop solutions for several years. Customers have been asking for more and more features so we decided to upgrade our product. We’re calling it our attendant console and the one-stop idea is because the solution covers different requirements. It’s not just an attendant console but can also be used for an agent desktop with voice recording, directories and presence.

TR: How does this improve on what was available previously?

Russwurm: One of the great things is that you have one platform, easy to setup and manage, which offers all the features required for a typical enterprise solution. It’s not just an attendant console but also offers additional features like voice recording , broadcasting, some paging services, and integrating different directories such as Active Directory or even MS Exchange Server. You get everything without buying a lot of additional products. Also important is service and support. Therefore we focus on our customers to ensure they have a proper up-and-running solution all the time.

TR: It sounds like it also saves them money.

Russwurm: Usually, because when looking at typical solutions you’ll need a lot of different modules and sometimes even multiple vendors to get everything the way you want. In our case, however, it’s just one platform. This can be especially helpful for educating employees, and you’re working with a Cisco preferred solutions partner.

TR: It sounds like your product was designed for an IP environment.

Russwurm: It was designed from the ground up that way. Besides the typical reliability options, if you’ve set up multiple servers we can immediately switch to another server in the event of failure of the primary one.

TR: What about security?

Russwurm: We decided to run an encrypted protocol between the desktop and server, so it’s not possible to listen to the voice stream or decode something done within the attendant console.

TR: You know those are high traffic environments, so I take it the system is pretty robust?

Russwurm: Yes. In such environments it’s also important that you’re able to connect multiple consoles together and even hundreds of attendants working at the same time in large volume environments.

TR: How do customers purchase?

Russwurm: We decided to market through a channel model and are working with Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partners.

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