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IP Communications for Government: Increased citizen intimacy, reduced costs

ANDTEK GmbH develops customized solutions from a single source

Munich / Hallbergmoos, September 24, 2012 - State and local government face major challenges in dealing with various forms of communication (telephone, email, Internet, etc.) and telephony services (call lists, directories, etc.). Why is it so? Simply because many communities have been merged and an increased number of people need to communicate with different PBXs at different locations. The Munich-based, unified communications specialist ANDTEK GmbH offers appropriate IP communication solutions to deliver a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective service.

In Germany, municipality, county and city governments are becoming larger. The number of users grows accordingly and multiplies for the now common but different communication forms (telephone, mobile, Internet, e-mail or fax). A further complication arises from the management of several sites with different PBX systems. Indeed, ensuring effective communication with such isolated applications remains a challenge. In addition, they cause unnecessary costs, such as the consideration of interoffice calls as external calls, while the availability of many popular features - e.g., automatic callback - appears somewhat intermittent.

High availability, optimal citizen service

"Here, the advantages of a homogeneous unified communications environment truly show" says Thomas Müller, Channel Sales Manager of the Munich-based unified communications specialist ANDTEK GmbH. In addition to reducing costs through centralized management (government offices using pure IP infrastructure can reduce their operating costs by up to 80 percent compared to traditional telephone systems), these include a unified, system-wide performance and full integration into any workflow. According to UC specialist Mr. Müller, we should add to that a high level of accessibility, transparency and thus the assurance of essential civil services at public facilities.

Smooth communication processes

Meanwhile, more and more national and local authorities such as district offices operate on the IP Communication solutions of ANDTEK GmbH. The Munich specialist provider is familiar with the requirements of agencies and government offices and develops custom applications to guarantee smooth communication processes.

Ease of use

With the attendant console solution "AND Desktop AC", ANDTEK provides a tool integrating various communication options. This IP solution allows government officials using any PC connected to an IP phone to control various services via a convenient interface - for example, make phone calls, faxes and e-mails, operate programs, or access the address and phone number directories. In this way, citizens' concerns can be quickly addressed.

Sheer citizen intimacy

The attendant console solution "AND Desktop AC" also ensures the availability of appropriate government officials. A special presence and group service ensures that callers find the right person at any time.

"Nowadays, modern government offices and agencies know that having an efficient public service communication is critical", says ANDTEK's CEO Roland Russwurm. "We encourage governments of all sizes to adopt efficient and cost-effective UC solutions".

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